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Shop Dot Com, you can see enough naked booty to make your libido boil over – but bring your Visa, because Suzee'll take off all her clothes before your eyes, but she won't take American Express.In fact, no online smut site will take American Express." OK, maybe Suzee's Smut Shop doesn't exist, and Visa advertisements for online porn don't, either. Sad as Gilligan’s death is, it’s only the latest setback for the charge card pioneer Business Why American Express Needs to Up its Rewards Game American Express has been coasting on its reputation, but it’s time it beefed-up its credit card rewards to keep pace with rivals like Visa and Master Card, according to Nomura Holdings Business Visa Replaces American Express as Costco’s Credit Card Costco announced that the retailer’s credit card network will be handled by Visa next year, an announcement that comes weeks after it sideswiped Visa rival American Express in a move that ended a 16-year relationship with the retailer Business American Express Hilariously Taps into Nostalgia to Promote Apple Pay Since everyone loves the ‘90s, perhaps it makes sense for American Express to use old Jerry Seinfeld clips in a new commercial. Visa Nixes Cards as Payment Option for Online Sex Ads Visa has joined Master Card and American Express in agreeing to withdraw as a payment option from the adult section of—meaning Bitcoins will soon be the only way to advertise sex services on the site U. Mastercard Agrees to Withdraw Support from Mastercard has agreed to withdraw as an ad payment option on the adult section of, after Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart asked credit card companies to pull support from a site that is often used for trafficking and prostitution Business Why Master Card Should Buy American Express Last week, American Express was hit by tragedy when its President, Ed Gilligan, died unexpectedly.

more If you believe slavery no longer exists in America, sit down with the new season of “American Crime” and prepare to be horrified. Though far from what you’d call relaxing television, “Crime,” which draws from real stories, strives to engage more thoroughly than most flashier small-screen fare.

Its setting this go-round is North Carolina, but the events are just as relevant to Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, anywhere marginalized people struggle to survive in what can be a hostile environment.

What makes us connect so completely to situations that we may have no experience with personally is Ridley’s style: the thoughtful, caring — at times, jarring — ways characters are presented to viewers. We’re allowed time to bond with them, absorb their words and feelings.

- The new 0 million South Florida headquarters for American Express looks more like a spaceship than an office building.

From the moment you walk through the security turnstiles at the 400,000-square-foot building in Sunrise, you realize it is a corporate campus designed to please employees and keep them productive -- a concept they call blue work."We have created a very collaborative, open workspace, and that is really top of mind for us in creating an environment that is healthy for our employees," Elise Askenazi said.