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However, if an event is at a synagogue, it is fully sponsored by the synagogue and all the money collected goes to the synagogue to cover any expenses.

We are looking for sponsors who would be willing to donate funds to help advertise the different event and cover cost for printing flyers and posting.

My second son Ryan was diagnosed as severely autistic.

I can’t tell you how many doctors we saw trying to figure out this diagnosis—it was very challenging.

Speaking with her brother's almost-fiancee forced Ziva to do a bit of soul-searching, she tells Tony. But despite his entreaties for her to come back to D. (Though he does accidentally shoot Fornell in the rear.) Rather, it's Mendez, who we learn has actually been working the terrorists, not against them, with Parsa pulling the strings.

"How can I not think that for every man I kill, there's someone out there crying for him? Ziva's apparently not the only one leaving the show, as Mendez gets shot right through his i Phone as he's about to detonate a bomb.

During a Shabbat dinner in Montreal, filmmaker Evan Beloff was drawn into a conversation with a modern Orthodox woman in her mid-20s, the daughter of one of his friends.

Meanwhile, back at NCIS, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Co.

If you have an idea contact us at [email protected] Montreal Jewish Singles Join the MJS group for a Shabbat under the stars https:// our table will have a animator that will get all the...

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The episode opens with Tony (Michael Weatherly) heading to Tel Aviv to find the MIA Ziva.

There, he teams up with Adam and new Mossad Director Orli Elbaz (Marina Sirtis), who shows him a cryptic note from Ziva at the bottom of her childhood wishlist: "Stop this for him." What does it mean?