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Shawn Kemp was as famous for his off-court antics as he was for the ferocious dunks he’d throw down on hapless defenders, and these off-court antics include a reported seven children with six different women.

Drake bell and sara paxton dating

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Only There's not much heroism going on in this superhero story, but Dragonfly does try to stop the mad villain.

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He secretly loves a girl named Jill (played by Sara Paxton), but she is already dating a guy named Lance (played by Ryan Hansen) who picks on Rick.After stumbling home and sleeping five days straight, he awakens with his DNA scrambled and odd powers at his beck and call.As Rick explores his new powers—such as the ability to walk on walls—he's approached by Professor Xavier, who runs a school for would-be young superheroes. The biggest wrong is a guy named Lou Landers, who used his company's über-technology to transform himself from a terminally ill corporate CEO to a terminally evil super-villain dubbed The Hourglass.During an award ceremony, Rick mistakes the Dalai Lama for a disguised Hourglass and starts hitting him and stripping his clothes off.played by Drake Bell, a hilariously stereotypical rivalry ensues.Rick gets invited by a new Facebook friend to visit a school for mutated species.