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So we thought about it some more, and talked about it as a group, and asked some of our friends, and finally came up with a few ideas to help you out, you little vixens to be. You’re giving them space to think about it and then respond to you when they have their thoughts in order, although I wouldn’t recommend physically sprinting away from them.

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"As well as the people who want to talk dirty, there are men who want a deeper sort of relationship or companionship."Eckstein estimated that around five per cent of all interactions with the Robin chatbot were "clearly sexually explicit".

Eckstein claimed that some of these users, may even be developing romantic feelings for their devices.

The transhumanist philosophy is part of the AI's ultimate agenda of taking over a civilization.

The goal is to progressively differ authority and control to the AI, which is seen as a perfect administrator, able to manage the affairs of human life free from bias and corruption.

Short review: The words home-made porno immediately conjures photographs of shaky camerawork and 10 2nd flicks that end abruptly with some babe screaming, hey whats that reddish light in the closet! Even the preview pages manage to set themselves apart with extremely sex-appealing visuals and manifestly novice content presented in the most professional way.

The scenes inside claim to be taped in secret or with the babes knowledge and sent in by a jilted butt pirate or just a fun couple who wants to share their sex tape.

Microsoft recently created an Artificial Intelligent chatbot that interacts with human users via a twitter account.

The internet-site has been updated every day with a new vid since July 2008.

When I peeked inside, I saw a large male lion that looked like an older simba, and a female nuzzling up next to him. " He asked, with a concerned expression on his face. " He said, Nala and him moving out of the way to reveal me. " I chirped."Well, Simba, why don't you show him around? I was drawn to his laugh, is smile, his AMAZING eyes. " He stated, poking me in the chest."Nala's the one who found her. I looked over to the right, and I saw nala, plus a rather dark lion with her hair spiked up in the front, with blood red eyes."Mtumwa, this is Ziwa." Nala said, sitting down next to Simba, her paw pointing towads Ziwa."Could you stand up for me?

I saw Simba and Nala walk in ahead of me, so I followed."Hey, dad? Nala and Simba had stopped together in front of me to hide me from the kings and queens point of view."Well... I looked up and gave a meek smile, brushing my mane out of the way so that he could see BOTH of my eyes."Ummmm...h-hi." Was the only thing that I was able to say."Welcome! " He asked with a large smile on his face."M-Mtumwa...thank you for letting me join the pride! My dad wasn't very happy about her, but my mother let her stay. " Ziwa asked in a voice that made it seem like her voice hadn't COMPLETELY developed yet, making her still sound rather young."Ummm...w-why?

What if simba had met Timon and pumbaa..Mufasa never died, and scar didn't side with the hyena's (how Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa met is explained in the story! Parts of me regretted it because at least with that pride I would always have something to do. It gets very, very...lonely, I guess you could call it. I pushed these thoughts out of my head, not wanting to get depressed, and marched onward. It sounded like a protest of some sort, and then a laugh. I could feel sweat falling down my head as nervously ran every scenario in my head. What if they used me as a sex slave like my last pride did? I can do a little...convincing at times." He assured in a rather creepy tone."What do you mean by that? " He explained, moving out of the way to show a rather frightened meerkat hiding behind a warthog smiling rather creepily."Pleased ta' meetcha! " The warthog greeted in some dumbass accent."And I'm Timon, Simba's friend and also fantasy dinner, APPARANTLY! "Oh..u-um...thanks." I shyly replied, earning a giggle from her."He's cute!

LEEROOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYY JEEEEEE EEEENKIIIII*shot*I continued to wade in the river, eating a small bug, which is what I've been doing for the last...about...twenty minutes. I had left my pride three days ago..reasons you'll learn later. What if they killed me and ate me for being from an outlander pride?