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In addition, a big encouragement has been the continuing wonderful growth in web traffic (in early 2015, this was around 20,000 unique visitors each day and rising), with a constant and increasing flow of testimonies of lives changed worldwide.

Carl had an ongoing interest in the ability of people in developing countries to access the huge amounts of free material via this site; as well as in other-language translations.

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UPDATE SATURDAY PM: My phone has been literally ringing off the hook since I made these announcements. This article now has 350,000 hits and I was told that anything over 200,000 would practically guarantee no one would come after me.

More specifically, your headshot should be professional-looking and you should be “in business dress or casual business dress from the shoulders / collar-bone up. Unlike your standard resume format that doesn’t include images, media and additional attachments, your Linked In profile allows you to add all of these types of media to your heart’s content.

You should be showered, shaved (or groomed), and your hair in a professional business cut or style,” Dawn D. And in fact, recruiters love it when job seekers use Linked In’s file uploading options to showcase their skills.

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For example, “you can demonstrate your sales growth ability by including a chart that shows a spike in sales over time.The pocket in the back of the front seat is a good place.The jackets are inexpensive and can be bought at most supermarkets if you do not have them already It used to be that you had to carry a set of bulbs with you but this has now changed.This consists of many talented and committed individuals worldwide in various roles, with younger scientists and speakers due to come on board in coming years, in more than one country in which CMI operates.This longstanding ethos will stand the ministry in good stead in both the medium and long-term future.” During his last fulltime year, 2014, Carl was particularly thrilled at seeing the completion of several projects dear to his heart, including the hugely impactful .Another legacy of Carl’s is his major role in conceiving and setting up the formal federation of CMI ministries, known as CMI-Worldwide.