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The USS Lincoln recently went through a mid-life servicing, which included a refueling of the carrier's nuclear power plant, a modernization of its computer and war-fighting systems throughout the ship, and total rework of its flight deck gear Class and type: Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Commissioned: November 11, 1989Length: 1,092 feet (332.8 m) Weight: 99,790 tons Speed: 30 knots (56km/h or 35mph)Aircraft carried: 90 fixed wing and helicopters Crew: Commissioned in 1989 and built to last 50 years, the ship recently went through a mid-life servicing.

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Sam was making his way to the train station; his train was due to depart in twenty minutes and all he wanted was to be somewhere warm and dry. “It’s a power failure and the next train will not be until tomorrow sometime.

He pushed through the swing doors; they silently swung shut behind him stopping the rain and wind from attacking him. Looking up at the departure monitors his eyes scanned for his train time departure. You will have to ring in the morning for a departure time; sorry, sir.”Sam was cold, wet, and tired.

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