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(photos of them both have a ring on their index finger.)Talking about pair rings...

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The magazine report that Fukasawa Tatsuya, a member from Johnny's Jr unit Snow Man is staying overnight at Miyazawa Sae's house.

Miyazawa Sae's agency and Johnny have deny the possibility of them dating.

Just one day ago, cyzo has reported about NMB48's Yamamoto Sayaka dating ONE OK ROCK's vocalist Takahiro (which she later denied in her Google post).

And a day later, Shukan Bunshun gives us a scoop about Miyazawa Sae from AKB48/SNH48.

She was all wrinkly and stuff, because she is still HALF-DEMON. But she only exists in Ice King's imagination, so if they can find a way to make her real, then there would be a possibility than Finnonna would be canon.

Princess Bubblegum would be a sex offender if she would get together with Finn. If she would turn 13, Lemongrab would rule the kingdom (In Lemonhope, it was shown that he is, still in fact alive). The main reason for the creation of Santiago de Compostela was to buy loyalty. Galicia was West Asturias firstly, and later West Leon. Portuguese are Leonese in denial :icon_lol: Indeed, and Spain ins't a country too, is just Asturias, Galicia, Catalonia, Basque Country, Aragon, Andalusia, Valencia and etc. Galician nobility was constantly telling the Asturian king to go fuck himself when they weren't fighting each other.Both of their agencies denied them dating, said he's a friend of Sae's brother (← their agencies confirmed that.)2.A friend of Fukasawa said that they've been dating for a year, Sae is pretty close to all Snow Man members and they even wear pair rings, pair bracelets now. While Finn and are over, it still shows that Finn is still interested in her and that's all that counts.