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The highest soil P values were obtained with additions of MSFW, while the lowest were obtained with synthetic fertilizer indicating that the amount of P and K added with MSFW were greater than cover crop needs.

Combining cover crop mixtures and MSFW at levels recommended for N fertilization allows meeting cover crops’ nutrient needs and increases biomass inputs to agricultural soils, but long-term monitoring of soil P is required to limit potential P build-up.

Once strictly a ceremonial art derived from kami'gakari (神懸, かみがかり, "oracular divination") and chinkon (鎮魂, ちんこん, "spirit pacification"), Kagura has evolved in many directions over the span of more than a millennium.

Today it is very much a living tradition, with rituals tied to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar, as well as vibrant Kabuki-esque theatre, thriving primarily in parts of Shimane prefecture, and urban centers such as Hiroshima.

Also, please provide us your website address which we can see some of your representative works.

If you do not have a website, please sent the pictures to us.

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Awagami Factory provides Visiting Artist Program for whom wish to use the facilities of the Awagami Factory as their temporary studio to try and expand their washi-making skills and the possibilities with art works with washi.

From the King of All Cosmos’ grand entrance into the world in 2004 to a smartphone game in 2016, we bring you seventeen tracks from six titles from within the Katamari series.

This show’s presenters were Ryan Hamann (@Insrt Coins) and Leah Haydu (@Improbable42) Track 1: Katamari Nah-Nah by Yuu Miyake - Katamari Damacy, 2004 Track 2: Katamari on the Rocks ~ Main Theme by Yuu Miyake / Keita Takahashi - Katamari Damacy, 2004 Track 3: Katamari March Damacy by Yuu Miyake - Katamari Damacy, 2004 Track 4: Que Sera Sera by Asuka Sakai / Natsuki Isaki / Charlie Kosei - Katamari Damacy, 2004 Track 5: Houston by Hideki Tobeta / Katamari Robo - We [Love] Katamari, 2005 Track 6: Blue Orb by Kahimi Karie / Tomoki Kanda - We [Love] Katamari, 2005 Track 7: Shine! Sunshine by Yuu Miyake / Yoshihito Yano / Naoki Toyama / Shigeru Matsuzaki - Me & My Katamari, 2005 Track 8: Katamari Dancing by Kimio Yudate / Yuji Masubuchi / Takashi Utsunomiya - Beautiful Katamari, 2007 Track 9: Guru Guru Gravity by Tetsuya Uchida / Yuu Miyake / Yoshihito Yano / Nori Horikoshi - Beautiful Katamari, 2007 Track 10: Green Village by Hideki Tobeta / Akitaka Tohyama - Katamari Forever, 2009 Track 11: Gin & Tonic & Red Red Roses (YMCK 8bit Mix) by Asuka Sakai / YMCK - Katamari Forever, 2009 Track 12: Everlasting Love (atom™ remix) by Uwe Schmidt - Katamari Forever, 2009 Track 13: Katamari on the Funk (Takeshi Nakatsuka Edit) by Naotaka Higashiyama / Yuu Miyake / Takeshi Nakatsuka - Touch My Katamari, 2011 Track 14: Hello World by Hiroshi Okubo / Taku Inoue - Touch My Katamari, 2011 Track 15: Katamari on the Swing (Jeremy Lim Remix) by Yuu Miyake / Yoshihito Yano / Jeremy Lim / Katelyn Isaacson - Tap My Katamari, 2016 Track 16: Cherry Tree Times by Yuu Miyake / Katamari-Tai Jr.

The condition of acceptance may be different from previous cases depends on factory's production schedule.

Please read the basic policy of using facilities at the Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper and about Visiting Artist Program.