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Aidan's incredibly busy with his career and Nettie's art is really taking off so they had a lot on their plates.' Proving to still be on good terms however, the insider added: 'It's all very amicable.'Mail Online has contacted representatives of Aidan for comment.

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I say professional only because the app is feature rich, though you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use it.Camera Awesome builds off and extends all the features found in the i OS 5 version of the i Phone’s default camera —including lock focus, self-portrait mode, flash, video cam, digital zoom, and quick editing enhancements.Camera Awesome also builds off many other fine apps like Camera Pro, Best Camera and Fast Camera.If you find the grid composition feature in the native i Phone camera useful, Camera Awesome provides additional composition guides that can help take your photography to another level.We have detected that you're accessing Traffick Cam from a device that does not allow access to its location.

A vast majority eat bugs—70 percent of species worldwide—but there are a few curious exceptions.

Not only does it include the well known Rule of Thirds guide, but it also has Golden, Trisec, and Square guides.

Camera Awesome contains various shooting modes including Stabilization, Slow Burst, Fast (Low Res) Burst, and two different timers.

In order to use Traffick Cam, please either enable Location Services, or access Traffick Cam from a GPS enabled device. Please note that the current version of Traffick Cam is incompatible with i OS 10.

We have submitted a fix for this to the Apple App Store, so watch for an update in the coming days. Traffick Cam requires access to your location to double check that the photos you submit are actually taken at the hotel you select.